Week #4 Poem

The lazy sunday lasted an eternity,

The sofa even seemed bored,

Nature made it´s usual noises including a few new ones,

And the bed seemed like an old friend who you used to hang out with all the time,

Dishes piled one on another on another as if a lasagna,

Two televisions were blaring in two different rooms as if they were fighting,

The junk food seemed like an invitation from the devil,

The computer yelled at me to respond to my emails, but I never got around to it,

I got up to see why the bird noises stopped…

And saw nothing but the pitch black night.

Week #12

I really think that I improved in blogging over the year. Earlier this year, I was still wondering what buttons to press. But now I know exactly what to do and when to do it. I feel that blogging has really improved my writing and reading too. Finally, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to blog.Skogafoss waterfall - Iceland - Landscape photography Giuseppe Milo via Compfight

Week #3 Poem

Dear younger me,

You are going to have the time of your life,

You are going to see the world and what it stands for,

You are going to fall down,

But it’s all about how you get back up again

You are going to cry,

But it’s all about the tiny giggle you produce when you’re happy,

You are going to want to give up,

But someone’s going to be there to motivate you to go further,

Remember to never lose faith and stick with the dreams you had before,

Dear younger me, be who you always knew you could be.

Week #9

Running Around ThirdCreative Commons License Eric Kilby via Compfight

Mr. Clutch

I can feel my heart beating a thousand miles per hour

Thunk Thunk

I step up to the plate

Thunk Thunk

A fastball whizzed past me and the umpire told me it was a strike

Thunk Thunk

A curveball so wicked it looked like it was going to hit me, but dropped at the last moment

Strike Two, the umpire yelled

Thunk Thunk

Two outs, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, 11 to 11, and two strikes on me

Thunk Thunk

The pitcher wound up and threw a fastball, at that moment I swung the bat as hard as I could

Thunk Thunk

I felt a surge of power rush over me as soon as I felt the ball connect with the bat

The next thing I knew, the ball went sailing over the fence

Thunk Thunk

Week 8

109/365: Walking                                                                                                                                                                  Don Harder via Compfight

Digital Footprint

You’ve all heard of a digital footprint right? It happens when you do something(s) on the internet that you might regret. Itś not always when your digital footprint is bad. Sometimes your digital footprint can be really good, like if you haveńt done anything bad at all. A digital footprint can be from just an app that you use, to a comment that you have done, to looking up stuff on google. So what is your digital footprint about?




                                                          DSC_6633Creative Commons License K.M. Klemencic via Compfight

As some of you may know, I love to play baseball. I’m on a baseball team in the preps division of the babe ruth league. I play proudly for the Springfield Millers team, also I play third base / left field. I like playing baseball, and I also enjoy watching it. Finally, my favorite sport is baseball because I am the best at that sport compared to other sports.

My Poem

My eyes are my vision into this world,

Each pair has it’s own special characteristics,

If you look into them you can see a whole galaxy,

But if you glance you’ll mistake them for marbles,

My eyes have seen things beyond imaginable,

And they produce the saddest and happiest tears you’ve ever seen.



My eyes are as old as the earth, but are as young as a newborn,

They are my best and worst trait both at the same time,

And without my eyes I would be nothing but a lifeless body taking up air and space,

But my eyes save my life, everyday and everynight,

And that’s why i’m thankful, not just for them but for me.





Week #5

Every family is different. I bet you your family is completely different than mine, that’s what makes every family special. I love my family so much and they love me back even more. My family is supportive when needed to, and helpful when asked to be. My family is also one of the most silliest families you’ll ever meet, but they are super serious as well. Which in my opinion makes me think they’ll be great actors someday. Also, my dad is my role model, whenever he says something important, I take it into thought. If me and my dad were in the same room sitting next to each other, you would see i’m like a mini him. Finally, I love my family so much and I would’ve never asked for a better family.Elliot Julien Ducenne via Compfight


...hate wallsdontlie via Compfight


               Racism. Such a strong word, so strong it can change an entire life forever. It can be judged just by the tone or color of someone’s skin. Racism is often told as a fairytale, told to other people through stories. But I can tell you it is a great big problem in our world, and every single person in the world is needed to stop racism. Racism, such a strong word.

Have you ever experienced racism or racial harassment? I haven’t, but I’ve had to break up fights because of it. Racism is so powerful that it can turn a world of love into a world of hate and violence. This world could definitely go without Racism. You’d be surprised what the world would look like without racism for a day.

Week #10

goodbyeCreative Commons License woodleywonderworks via Compfight

These ten weeks of blogging were amazing. I got to learn the ropes of blogging and writing, and I’ve had a lot of fun. My blog in my opinion is good (we’ll leave it at that). The only reason that is, is because I’ve read other blogs and I think I can I can persevere to be better than I am right now. In March, my goal is to have people from two more continents. I will reach my goal by writing posts more interesting and worthy. If I were to judge my blog out of five, i’d give it an 8 because it looks good, but I know I can do better. Well, until March readers. May the force be with you. -Jayden